Hi, I'm

Blake Zimmerman

I build things to make the web a better experience.

About Me

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I’m Blake – an NYC-based software engineer dedicated to his craft that seeks to build better web experiences.

While I often do full-stack web development, I primarily focus on the front-end. I’m most interested in design systems and functional programming. I always enjoy reading about emerging developments in these fields and researching how I can leverage them to create better software experiences.

When I’m not at my desk coding, you can find me at the espresso machine practicing my latte art.

My latte art
A pretty latte I made


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Front End Engineer


Aug 2023 - Present

  • Currently building exciting web3 experiences.
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Senior Software Engineer II

Culinary Technology

Jun 2022 - Aug 2023

  • Technical Lead for an application that managed kitchen tasks and operations to scale Wonder's culinary manufacturing process and capture feedback to validate their R&D recipes.

Senior Software Engineer I

Culinary Technology

Oct 2020 - Jun 2022

  • Led front-end development for a tier 1 web application and implemented large features that improved the efficiency and accuracy of our food preparation process.
  • Architected and developed a constraint-based design system containing shared React components and platform-agnostic design tokens.
  • Created a front-end template repo and published internal NPM packages that encouraged uniform best practices and design patterns across 8 of our application teams.
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Senior Software Engineer

Consumer Web

Oct 2020 - Jun 2022 ・ Freelance

  • Integrated Stripe into the web application to enable payments by ACH debits and credit cards.
  • Migrated the entire codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript to reduce bugs and improve maintainability.
  • Consulted on technical design choices and implemented various key features.
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Software Engineer III

Intelligent Retail Lab

Mar 2018 - Oct 2020

  • Implemented, tested, and maintained microservices and web applications to drive innovation at Walmart's in-store AI lab.
  • Architected a comprehensive constraint-based design system to vastly improve the velocity of all front-end engineers at IRL.
  • Developed a service to convert real-time RTSP video to HLS and serve it to the web client with only a 3 second delay.
  • Designed an internal React library for sharing state between browser windows to enable multi-window web application capabilities.
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Software Engineering Intern

Order Management

Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Built a visualization tool for Jet's internal telemetry logging system using Typescript, React, and D3.
  • Developed an Angular 4 front-end from the ground up for a new internal tool that shows divergence between Event Store clusters.
  • Implemented real-time notifications in the catalog management web application using SignalR, RxJS Observables, and F# microservices.
  • Rewrote the authentication system for the catalog management web application using Node.js and Passport.js.
  • Built a micro-scale version of the Jet.com website to demonstrate system architecture for new hires (front-end in Angular 2, back-end in Web API 2.2 using F#).
  • Developed and deployed production level features to customer service, order management, and catalog management web applications.
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Technical Intern II

Electronic Systems

Jan 2016 - Aug 2016

  • Developed a web-based interface for a codebase health and metrics tool.
  • Implemented and tested embedded software for Software Defined Radios.
  • Used scrum and continuous integration to improve projects.
  • Set up, deployed, and maintained a server cabinet.


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Bachelors of Engineering

Software Engineering

Aug 2014 - May 2019 ・ Co-op Program

  • President and Co-Founder of Software Engineering Club
  • Technology Director for Duckhacks Hackathon
  • Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity